Riser Recliners.

All R&R riser recliners carry the CE standard. Rise & Recline

The Regent is a classic looking flat backed chair with large wings. The chair is complemented with a luxurious head roll. which adds to the comfort of this foam back. This chair also has the added benefit of the back being available in vasco pressure foam if required, therefore providing the perfect solution to pressure management.

Available as: Static non-motorised. Manual. Electric. Recline only, Lift only, Wall-hugger Single motor. Dual motor. 2-way tilt in space,
Heavy duty.

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The Regent Riser Recliner
The Regent

The Hampton's traditional style gives it a timeless look that matches many traditional 3-piece suites.

Available as: Static non-motorised, Manual, Electric, Recline only, Lift only Wall-hugger Single motor, Dual motor, 2-way tilt in space.
Heavy duty.

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The Hampton Riser Recliner
The Hampton

The Community

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The Community Riser Recliner
The Community