Able Care Stairlift Questions and Answers

Will a stairlift fit in my home ?

Stairlifts can be fitted to most straight staircases, and can also be fitted where the stairs are curved.

How do they work ?

A track is fitted directly to the stair tread and the combined chair and power pack ( motor/gear box assembly ) drives up and down the track.

Will my staircase or décor be damaged by the installation ?

No. Our engineers work to a very high standard in all installations and are meticulous with regards to cleanliness and care in your home.

How much will a stairlift cost ?

For a straight staircase– a reconditioned lift will cost between £950 and £1550, a new lift between £1675 and £2200.

Curved lifts are more expensive, since they are tailor- made for the individual stairs and cost from £2900 for a reconditioned lift and from £4300 for a new lift.

How long would I have to wait before my lift is installed ?

We can sometimes manage a next day emergency installation for straight lifts, but normally 2-4 days is required. Curved lifts normally take 3 to 4 weeks from order.

For curved lifts would we have to buy a brand new model ?

No, we specialise in matching a reconditioned chair/power pack ( often as new ) to a brand new track which makes a substantial saving on the new cost.

Will the installation take long ?

We need between 2-4 hours for a straight lift and 3-5 hours for a curved installation.

Is there a maximum weight limit for a stairlift ?

Most stairlifts carry a maximum of 19 stones (120kg ) but heavy duty models are available up to 28 stones ( 180 kg ) including a more generously proportioned seat.

Will other people be able to use the stairs when the lift is fitted ?

All stairlifts fold away when not in use allowing pedestrian access to the stairs.

If we have a power cut can we still use the stairlift ?

Most modern lifts use battery or DC ( direct current ) power and therefore will work if the power is interrupted. ( Batteries are charged automatically ) Mains powered lifts, which are perfectly safe to use, will not be useable in the event of a power cut.

Are stairlifts noisy ?

No, the modern DC ( battery powered ) stairlifts are very quiet and we only use mains lifts with low ambient noise.

Are all stairlifts guaranteed ?

Yes, new and reconditioned come with a minimum12 months warranty.

Are reconditioned stairlifts reliable?

Yes we are meticulous in our preparation of all reconditioned lifts and have the utmost confidence in all our reconditioned products.

How do I decide which stairlift is right for my home?

As a long established independent supplier we have always prided ourselves in matching the right stairlift to both the customer and their particular environment. We can pick from a range of suppliers and lift models, as well as price, in order to make sure you will be entirely satisfied with the product you choose.

A no obligation home assessment is offered in order to determine this.

Do you buy back stairlifts?

Yes, we will always make an offer on stairlifts up to three years old and will usually consider other models.

Do I have to pay for a home assessment?

No, we have never charged for this service. ( Please beware of companies that do ).

Will I pay VAT on stairlifts or mobility products?

Most medical equipment products are exempt from VAT for use in private domestic situations.

Which stairlift do you need?

Customer Feedback

Great service fixed chairlift next day. Would recommend, friendly guy.

- Sale Denture Clinic

Thank you for a great job, may I also pay compliments to your fitter, he was superb, my husband and I were very impressed by his manner and workmanship, thanking you for prompt attention

- Mrs Rowson, Cheshire

Thank you very much for the prompt and efficient service that you provided

- Mrs Hodgen, Huddersfield

Thank you very much for installing my stairlift so quickly and efficiently, I am finding it much easier to get upstairs

- Mrs Southern, Bolton

Thank you for your quick, courteous service

- Mr Sodha, Manchester

Just to say how pleased I am with the Stannah stairlift, and the service you gave in fitting it

- Mrs Scott, Pleasington

My father commented on how quietly and efficiently you completed the work, many thanks again for a good job well done

- Mrs Jones, Liverpool

I would like to thank you for your promptness, courtesy and efficiency in completing the job

- Mr Ashcroft, Wigan

Many thanks for doing such an excellent job, I am enjoying it !

- Mrs Kenyon, Clitheroe

We would like to thank you for the work, which was done in a very neat, clean and efficient manner

- Mrs Carter, Altrincham

We are very pleased with it and would like to say thank you for your kindness and speed which you fitted things

- Mr & Mrs Brown, Bradford

May I take this opportunity to thank you, on Mum's behalf, for your time and trouble and for your courtesy. We were all most impressed and will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and acquaintances

- Mrs Shannon, Horwich

Many thanks for your expert advice and installation

- Mrs Pettitt, Doncaster

Your expert service and attention has been greatly appreciated

- Mrs Leonard, Bolton)

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